How a term paper is structured

A proper term paper cannot be written without following the correct structure. Every term paper comprises of few key components including the term paper introduction, term paper title page, term paper table of contents, term paper literature review, term paper research methodology and term paper conclusion. Term paper introduction and title page Your title page is the first interface of the term paper. This title page includes the name of the writer, the title of the term paper and various other details. Along with that, the term paper title page needs to have proper margins as well. In other words, the layout of the term paper title page would depend on the referencing style used for the term paper.


When it comes to writing the term paper introduction, you need to keep it short and simple. Do not write lengthy sentences as they would spoil the overall impression of the term paper introduction. However, the research question should be well defined and all the key parameters should be explained. Term paper literature review and research methodology The literature review specifies the exact area of the research. A subject is split up into countless topics. In the literature review, you need to list down the topics which would be covered in the term paper. In simple terms, the literature review differentiates your research work from the papers which have been written by other people.


The research methodology defines the mechanisms which have been used to get the term paper findings. The reader is always interested in knowing how the information has been collected. Mention all the methods which have been used to compile content for the term paper. For instance, if you have used online searching as a tool to collect data, mention the method in the research methodology chapter. Term paper conclusion In the end, you need to sum up all the points. A proper impact needs to be created on the mind of the reader. In addition to that, if the conclusion is not convincing, the reader would not be satisfied by all the other chapters.